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👽 I'm Lana (it's anal backwards). Still angsty but no longer a teenager. Collector of dead things and appreciator of the abandoned & decrepit. I hate everyone so I moved miles deep in the woods with my bf in a tiny hot pink house. The following are photos of my eccentric activites, as well as anything I find aesthetically pleasing. Meow ~


Handful of black sand at Panalu’u Beach, Hawaii. Punaluʻu Beach (also called Black Sand Beach)has black sand made of basalt and created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools.
Photo credit: Tracy Zhu

A bath tub cut out of a large single piece of Quartz Crystal.


Slug stuff


Nested doors connecting each of the patient rooms in one of the old tubercular wards at Mayview State Hospital, just outside of Pittsburgh, at sunrise.  These doors would presumably allow greater airflow through the building, considered an important part of the treatment of tuberculosis.  Unfortunately, most of this asylum campus was demolished within weeks of this photograph being taken.
Prints available here.



A skull once affected by sarcoma cranii, a type of bone cancer. 
The rough, crystalline surface of the frontal and zygomatic bones is the product of the ossification of the lesion. 

Pretty much nothing fucks me up like this picture right here.


Our first batches of #diaphonized specimens are now available in store. These are imperfect specimens and priced accordingly. We are still working on perfecting the process and will have nicer specimens available in a few weeks. #biology #wetspecimen #stained #oddities #bazaarbaltimore #ididntkillthis (at Bazaar)


Intuitive sources say Angel Aura Quartz helps bring one into the higher realms in meditation, facilitating conscious contact with angels, spirit guides and inner realm teachers. It is said to assist one in communing with Angels, accessing the Akashic records, channeling higher knowledge, remembering past lives and gaining insight into one’s spiritual mission in this lifetime.