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👽 I'm Lana (it's anal backwards). Still angsty but no longer a teenager. Collector of dead things and appreciator of the abandoned & decrepit. I hate everyone so I moved miles deep in the woods with my bf in a tiny hot pink house. The following are photos of my eccentric activites, as well as anything I find aesthetically pleasing. Meow ~


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It looks like these flowers have been waiting to exhale.


Puck shot by Derek Perlman and Styled by Sydney Szramowski for UNIF




As discussed in this post, sometimes it makes the most sense to enter a building in the middle of the night for various reasons.  Under the auspices of the full moon, it made sense to enter the North Carolina School for the Deaf in Morganton at about 3 AM because I had no idea of the security posturing protocols there.  So I set up my camera for several 15 minute exposures while I ran around the building, peering out windows and looking for security apparatuses.  This was the final shot taken; the seemingly-bright orange glow was actually the dim glow of a light mounted on a nearby building, and the dim white light on the floor near the radiator was that of the moon.  As this shot was exposing, I came across an active alarm system, LEDs blinking - it had not been triggered, but the building was not interesting enough to take the risk.  By 4:30 I had killed this exposure and was on my way back to the car.





a decellularized “ghost” heart

aaaaaaaay extracellular matrix
How cool is it that when you take all the cells out of an organ it still looks like an organ?
I remember when I was in high school and still very confused about how tissues worked, because all anyone taught me was that we’re made up of piles of cells hung on bones.  But that’s not how it is!  Cells build themselves little hammocks of polymer and densely branched glycoproteins; we’re like onions, layers of membrane over tough rubbery collagen, huge protein scaffolds cradling slippery organs.
Bodies are not made of cells — bodies are made by cells.

That was the coolest explanation I’ve heard