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👽 I'm Lana (it's anal backwards). Still angsty but no longer a teenager. Collector of dead things and appreciator of the abandoned & decrepit. I hate everyone so I moved miles deep in the woods with my bf in a tiny hot pink house. The following are photos of my eccentric activites, as well as anything I find aesthetically pleasing. Meow ~

Addicted but well hydrated :)

Coyote, couple raccoons, bobcats, foxes

Assorted teef

Cleaning up some pretty things to list on my etsy soon!

Gluing the teeth back in this lovely raccoon* skull

I rly want a blue slushie

Bought all these reduced bananas today bc I felt bad for them

Casual hair fishie


Had to upload this because my coon is creepin in the corner omg

My fuckin pet raccoon keeps ripping the eyes out of stuffed animals so I did this to fix it.

I think its better now :)

My bb :3

Developing an addiction pls halp