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I'm Lana (it's anal backwards). Still angsty but no longer a teenager. Collector of dead things and appreciator of the abandoned & decrepit. I hate everyone so I moved miles deep in the woods with my bf in a tiny hot pink house. The following are photos of my eccentric activites, as well as anything I find aesthetically pleasing. Meow ~

Had to upload this because my coon is creepin in the corner omg

My fuckin pet raccoon keeps ripping the eyes out of stuffed animals so I did this to fix it.

I think its better now :)

My bb :3

Developing an addiction pls halp

You can’t sit with us

Omfg best bic lighter pack color combo in history. Could not resist.

Never had a pet snake until now and I feel like I’ve been deprived.

Uh hi I’m blonde

Felis silvestris catus

30+ layer interchangeable burger topping stencils. Additional topping suggestions gr8ly appreciated

Really rough first go with my interchangeable burger topping stencil. This combination was 30 layers and took two hours x_x

Bunny friends.
P.s. I didn’t do the skulll